Superman Is America’s Favorite Superhero

Superman Is America’s Favorite Superhero  It is a debate that has raged on since the dawn of time, who is the greatest superhero? This deceptively simple question has caused an infinite number of verbal battles, comic book store fistfights and enraged internet disputes, with each and every person having their own, perfect choice, as well as a variety of detailed reasons to back it up. Well, this very question was asked of the American people recently, and the answer, rather unsurprisingly, was Superman.

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The survey that brought us this rather definitive answer to the age-old question, “who is your favorite superhero”, was carried out on 2,000 Americans with each one asked to pinpoint their dearest superpowered, spandex-wearing character. In the end, Superman led the pack with 47 percent of the vote.

Hot on his red-booted heels though was the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man who took second place with 46 percent, with the Dark Knight, Batman, coming in third with 45 percent. No doubt the three of them will be battling it out soon. Marvel Cinematic Universe favorites Captain America and Iron Man completed the top 5 with 42 percent and 41 percent respectively.


This rather crucial survey was conducted by OnePoll and commissioned by Visit Anaheim in advance of Avengers Campus opening at Disney California Adventure Park, the survey looked at superheroes, villains and how much fans love their comic book characters. When asked who would win in a fight, respondents believe Superman would triumph over Batman, which you would think puts that particular debate to rest, but no doubt there will be those who could not disagree more and will assert their opinion on anyone who will listen. The two major comic book characters have come to blows several times in both the pages of the comics and on the big and small screen, with the victor varying each time.

One of the most famous fights between the two occurred towards the end of Frank Miller’s iconic graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns after which Batman emerges victorious having poisoned the Man of Steel with Kryptonite. This battle was then partly adapted for Zack Snyder’s Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, which ended with the now-infamous “Martha” moment.

On the whole, respondents preferred the good guys to the bad guys, with the majority choosing heroes over villains. Still, Joker topped the list of villains at 31 percent, with Catwoman and Venom rounding out the top three. Of the participants, Sixty-four percent of them considered themselves to be fans of superheroes, with their favorite way to partake in the fandom being to watch the big-screen adaptations of the comic book characters.

The respondents were also asked what superpower they would choose for themselves, with the majority wanting the power of invisibility (because people are creepy), followed by superhuman healing or the ability to travel through time.


Superman Is America's Favorite Superhero

Superman Is America’s Favorite Superhero


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